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HYDRA MC Nesodden, Røerveien 231, 1450 Nesoddtangen Norway

Street address:
Riksvei 156, Røerveien 231

Phone: +47 95985176
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Mr. President:+47 95985176 Frode
Mr. Vise President:+47 91689816 Espen


HOW TO GET TO OUR CLUB HOUSE , at the east side of Nesodden.
Coming from Oslo you turn off from the E6/E18 right after passing the amusmentpark TUSENFRYD, you will then see a sign for NESODDTANGEN. Coming from Gøteborg (E6) there is a turn off with sign for NESODDTANGEN just before the NORDBY tunnel. Coming from Stockholm (E18) use the first possible turn off after passing SKI , the turn off has a sign for NESODDTANGEN.
Just follow the signs to NESODDTANGEN. You enter the peninsula at a place called NESSET , driving across a tiny bridge, heading up some curvy hills, driving into NESODDEN at road #156, it`s about 20 km. to the club house from NESSET. Just go straight , follow the road until you reach a church. A sign will tell you this is the church of NESODDEN.
Now you are almost there, just another 500 meter. Keep going straight, (passing 2 bus stops , Nesodden kirke & Torvet), up a little hill , and then you will see the club house on top of the hill at the left side of the road #156.


FOLLOW THE PINK PIGS , they will take you right there!!!

HOW TO GET TO THE GRISERALLY , at the west side of Nesodden?
The place we always have our GRISERALLY at is called “STEINBRUDDET” in norwegian. Follow the road #156 to NESODDTANGEN .
When you start going downhill again you will pass a place called “ERIK`s bildemontering”, it`s a car salvage place (a wrecking yard) . Passing this you start braking , because you`ll turn off at the first possible road on your left hand side , it`s road #157. Just keep following road #157, watch the signs , they “suddenly” pop up… These roads are made for motorsyckles , but take it easy your first time...
After you have driven up some steep curvy hills again , you will go downhill and into a right hand curve , go slow because the turn off down to all the FUN is the first dirtroad on the right hand side after the curve.
It is approximately 20 km. from NESSET to the GRISERALLY.

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