The History

HYDRA MC Nesodden established 1985
Five guys wanted to start a biker club and the plan was made in 1984. The five guys were Lange Jørn, Geirr, Stana, Drue, and Tjomi, and the club Hydra MC Nesodden was official started in 1985.
All of the guys were driving Am Cars and motorcycles, but now it was Harley Davidson, brotherhood, Rock'n roll and fun all the way! The club grew and Rolf, Onar, Guttungen and Jonna become members in HYDRA MC.

HOMBRES MC established 1989
Four years went on, but in 1989 there were a disagreement in the club and the majority of the members started a new club called Hombres MC. Hombres MC Nesodden had their clubhouse at Svestad Fjordsenter. Hombres MC were very well known for their Rock'n Roll parties, and almost everyone of the Norwegian bikers at the time, have had a hell of a good time down there.
Hydra MC were still growing and in 1992 the club wanted to establish a new clubhouse. At this time it was four motorcycle clubs on Nesodden: HYDRA MC, Hombres MC, Rabies MC Nesodden and Nesodden MC.
Nesodden MC were established in 1988, and had 6 members. The club was also called "Burma melitsen".
Rabies MC Nesodden were also established in 1988 and one of the members was Rolf, that originally came from HYDRA MC. Rabies MC Nesodden had their club house at Solbergtoppen, but were closed down in 1991.

HYDRA MC reunion 1993
After initiative from Hombres MC, the three clubs: Hombres MC, Hydra MC and Nesodden MC started a dialog to try to get the three clubs together in one club. Nesodden MC did not want this, but Hombres MC and HYDRA MC agreed, and the reunion at Nesodden was a fact. HYDRA MC was kept as the name on the club, but the patch from HOMBRES MC become the new colors. This shows everyone the reunion of the two clubs.
Nesodden MC was closed down in 1995, but several of the members become members in HYDRA MC.
The clubhouse at Svestad become Hydra MC's club house, and this were a period of very high activity in the club. This resulted in one of the biggest and best Rallies in east Norway - Griserally 1993!
Today it is only two established MC clubs at Nesodden, HYDRA MC and Kjærringa MC. Kjærringa MC was established in 1995, and is a club for girls that drives Harley Davidson. The relations between the clubs are very strong, but the clubs are 100% in depended of each other.

HYDRA MC today
In 1997 HYDRA MC moved from Svestad Fjordsenter. The club bought a property at the other side of Nesodden, not far from Nesodden church (road #156).
HYDRA MC are one of the largest biker clubs in Norway (that is clubs without chapters), and all the members drives Harley Davidson. The age of the members are 30 +, and more than half of the members have been in the club for more than 10 years!
Its almost always people at the clubhouse, and there is always something going on! Summertime we have a lot of visitors from other Norwegian biker clubs, and from foreign bikers . On saturdays we often BBQ and have some beers .... The Sundays after can be pretty tough!.
All bikers are always welcome!! The Club is 4 Norwegian miles south from Oslo, 40 minutes driving. But you can also take a boat (Nesoddbåten, this is not a ferry) from Nesodden to Akerbrygge, that is in the centrum of Oslo. This takes only 20 minutes.

HYDRA MC will be 35 years 2020!

In 2000 we got ourselves new front patches!

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