The name HYDRA is used in more than one connection. It dates way back, we`re talking ancient greek mythology , the myth about the HYDRA monster!
The HYDRA monster had several heads & if one of these got chopped off it instantly grew 2 new out! This ability is something we in HYDRA MC feels is “in line” with our basic philosophy : we are brothers & we take care of oneanother.

One for all, all for one!

In 1949 Harley Davidson came out with their hydraulic front forks, the hydra front.
Again the name HYDRA matches our philosophy, to “be up front” & to be able to enjoy our chosen lifestyle. HD, freedom, friendship, Rock`n Roll, it’s all about having a good time!
Nesodden is a peninsula about 45 km. south of Oslo, & the road into this beautiful pearl in the Oslofjord is exactly in the crossing between E6 (Gøteborg) & E18 (Stockholm)!
We have 2 mc-clubs at Nesodden, it`s HYDRA MC & KJÆRRINGA MC. HYDRA MC`s intensions are to keep it this way.
Nesodden is HYDRA-territory…

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